ExP was founded to help startup businesses to scale their sales organisations. 

Our purpose is to enable startups to grow – and growth comes in two forms. Either you become better at what you are doing and sell more, or you add more people to do what you do well and sell more. We help you do both! 

We know what it takes for junior sales people to be successful – and therefore can support you in finding, training and enabling your salespeople to accelerate your business. 

Sales Development Reps, Business Development Reps, Sales Executives, Account Executives, Account Managers, Customer Acquisition Executives – they are all areas we can support you in. It doesn’t matter what you call them – they are the growth engine! 




We are focused on helping you to build your sales team through understanding what makes your top performers tick, who they are, where they came from and what makes them perform, then providing the most relevant and exciting graduate talent to match.

We come from a hiring manager background, so understand that we need to take time to understand your people, your culture and who would be a good fit for your organisation.  We aim to provide you with the smoothest experience possible, to ensure that you know that we are the safe hands to find your next graduate.

Everyone knows that who, why and how you recruit is not a tactical aspect of Business, but in practice, it tends to be the default.  At ExP we understand how hard it is to manage your full-time job whilst setting the recruiting of your people at the level of priority it deserves.

Exceptional salespeople come from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and cultures, but we know what the common character traits are of those that will make it.  Years of taking fresh, graduate talent, hiring, training and developing them into high performing salespeople has enabled us to identify the superstars of the future at the point they leave university.

Providing a tailored service for our clients is inherent in our DNA.  We know that you are the experts of your own business. Spending time with you to understand your business and its people is a huge part of how we are able to find the right talent for you.

Sales Training



Do you see yourself in Sales? Send us your CV now, and let ExP help you find your next step in Sales! We work with companies looking for Sales Development, Business Development, Account Executives and more – don’t worry if you don’t know what these terms mean – if you are interested in a career in sales, we are here to help!
Alternatively – we understand that sales is an industry that often has negative connotations. We only take on roles that have salaries and commission, with companies that we would be excited to work for. We believe that sales when done correctly is the best place to start your career – and are happy to tell you why! 
Do any of the following describe you?
  • Competitive
  • Passionate about helping people
  • Problem solving
  • Learning & developing your skills
  • Communicative
  • Persuasive
  • Enjoy asking questions
  • People person
If so, we would love to spend some time understanding your goals, motivations and help you accelerate your career. We will review every CV we recieve, and would be delighted to provide a one to one career advice session – so send us you CV today.
Sales Training
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Sales Training and Coaching.


The most successful salespeople we know are constantly striving to master their craft. We believe that exceptional salespeople are built, not born – and we know what it takes to build them. Foundational sales skills, built upon a solid desire to improve and engage with development can transform a green graduate into an accomplished professional. 

The perfect salesperson doesn’t exist – which is why there is always more to learn, practice and improve upon. 


ExP are here to support the development and training of foundational sales skills – which are delivered through a combination of on-site and remote classroom sessions, roleplays and discussion. Our trainer comes from Saas sales management, having spent time as a rep before managing a team, so understands the learning path to take someone from wherever they are on their sales journey to being prepared to sell with confidence. 


Coaching is one to one feedback and discussion on sales skills – as opposed to training – which is the delivery and learning of new or refreshing old skills. At ExP we provide coaching as a service, through weekly conversations with sales reps to help them develop, improve and retain their skills. We work with multiple levels and are a listening ear and outside voice, to add value and improvement to your sales reps development. 

We also provide ad hoc coaching – with call reviews and evaluations – reach out to ExP to find out more! 




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We love the old-fashioned approach of talking rather than doing everything online as it helps us understand and better meet your requirements from the off.
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