Meet the team

Here at ExP, we believe that the quality of our business lies in the quality of our people.
We are proud to have a team that goes beyond qualifications and credentials. Our team at ExP were selected because of, yes, their experience, but also all the qualities that makes us the fun, motivated, and supportive bunch we are. We’re all united by the motivation to uplift the people we work with, both team members and clients. This ethos is integral to everything we do at ExP, and it’s why clients and graduates enjoy and have fun working with us.
Don’t believe us? Get to know us through the lens of our fellow team mates…​

portrait of John, the CEO


"Burger connoissuer, Leeds FC lover, and treats everyone like family. John is a true leader who lifts everyone he engages with - his international mission. He has a beard like Noah and ExP is his Ark; showing a path to a better life." - Lewis
portrait of team member Scarlett


Marketing Manager
"Scarlett is the epitome of getting stuff done. She is a learner, a doer and a joy to work with. She loves to hike and be outside. She challenges with compassion but acts with precision." - John


Talent Specialist
"Passionate dog lover (especially Bellatrix), Harry Potter mastermind, and conqueror of fears. Frankie is extremely humble, enthusiastic and real. Great contributor to the ExP team and culture!" - Callum
portrait of team member Benjamin


Talent Manager
"Ben oozes positivity and compliments for everyone. Ben is the epitome of mental strength which is seen in his passion for climbing, fell running and scary movies. Lives off Huel but secretly adores tiger bread. " - Callum
portrait of team member Callum


Operations Executive
"Passionate footballer, talented drummer, a performer and always gives 110% into every endeavour. Callum is an enormous strength within ExP. He's a pleasure to work with!" - Ben


Social Media Assistant
"Maddi is a force to be reckoned with, and incredibly humble. My favourite quote of hers (used ironically, or was it?) ‘Don’t be sorry, be better’. Her addition has immediately elevated the status of our team." - Jess​
portrait of team member Lewis


SDR Coach
"Lewis Sabertooth Terry’–named for his lookalike when sporting a heavy beard - is a fantastic teammate. Always up for facing a challenge and never afraid to give you the honest answer! A key player in the ExP team." - Jess.
portrait of team member Jess


Marketing Executive
"My favourite thing about Jess is her ability to listen. Plus, her turn-a-phrase and one liners are legendary! 10/10 would recommend as a friend, coworker or travelling buddy." - Scarlett
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