Meet the team

Here at ExP, we believe that the quality of our business lies in the quality of our people.
We are proud to have a team that goes beyond qualifications and credentials. Our team at ExP were selected because of, yes, their experience, but also all the qualities that makes us the fun, motivated, and supportive bunch we are. We’re all united by the motivation to uplift the people we work with, both team members and clients. This ethos is integral to everything we do at ExP, and it’s why clients and graduates enjoy and have fun working with us.

Don’t believe us? Get to know us through the lens of our fellow team mates…

portrait of John, the CEO


"Burger connoissuer, Leeds FC lover, and treats everyone like family. John is a true leader who lifts everyone he engages with - his international mission. He has a beard like Noah and ExP is his Ark; showing a path to a better life." - Callum
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SaaS Sales Specialist
"If patience is a virtue, then Nathan is a virtue. A Greek speaking Nottingham Forest fan, long suffering Nathan is helpful, kind and loves to travel, with NYC being his favourite city!" - John


Talent Team Manager
"Passionate footballer, talented drummer, a performer and always gives 110% into every endeavour. Callum is an enormous strength within ExP. He's a pleasure to work with!" - John


Sales Coach
"The office fanatic, seasonal crossfit athlete and karaoke lover." - John


Talent Apprentice
"Young but fierce, hot chocolate lover and joy to work with. Gracie is dedicated to ExP (even getting up at 4am to get the train into the office!!), an extremely hard worker and never fails to put a smile on our faces. - Elise"
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