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#HowIWork: Being a remote talent manager

Here goes, Here’s a brief insight into how I work, week to week. As a talent manager, my main responsibilities lie in candidate sourcing and managing inbound applications for our current recruitment opportunities. What do my days look like? I split my time up daily between messaging, emailing and calling potential candidates through LinkedIn and …

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ow to do a skills self-assessment

Why and How to Complete a Skills Audit

A skills audit is recommended to anyone who’s at the beginning of a career transition. This may be changing companies, changing job titles or completely changing your career path. However, if you’re going to sell yourself in your CV or in an interview, you’ve got to know where your skill set lies and where you need some help. This is where the skills audit comes in…

2020graduate wearing a graduation cap

I’ve Graduated, Now What? The Reality of Post-Graduation Depression.

That Sinking Feeling. For most people, graduation will be an exciting and happy time. Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of a bright future, sans late nights at the library? With such promising tomorrows, it can be hard when you are the only one not feeling happy at the prospect of graduating. Enter: post-graduation …

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