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#HowIWork: Change & Adaptability

We recently shared an article which inspired me to think about adaptability as a trait that is essential for future personal and professional success. It made me reflect on how I work, and the way this has had to adapt to the change I’ve experienced over the past year.

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Why and How to Complete a Skills Audit

A skills audit is recommended to anyone who’s at the beginning of a career transition. This may be changing companies, changing job titles or completely changing your career path. However, if you’re going to sell yourself in your CV or in an interview, you’ve got to know where your skill set lies and where you need some help. This is where the skills audit comes in…

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Running: building better habits.

It is the same when trying to achieve anything, accountability is the key. Find someone who will help you to consistently work hard to develop yourself and do the things you commit to. Like a Sales Coach, perhaps.

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#HowIWork: Working and Studying.

The way we work has seen a complete overhaul in the last few weeks. Follow our #howiwork series as we reflect and talk about our approach to work.

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