What can you expect from us?

Let us help you find your next step in Sales! Our focus is to understand your goals, motivations, and finding you the work experience that will enable your career to thrive. We know that the sales industry sometimes comes with negative connotations.  Don’t let that hinder you; to make sure your career starts off on the right foot, we only work with top tier employers who offer salaries and commissions. When done correctly sales is the best place to start your career – and we are more than happy to tell you why! 

If you are passionate about helping people, have great problem-solving skills and want to work in a challenging and fulfilling job, this is the place for you!

Career Consulting

We want you to land your dream job, so expect us to go above and beyond! You will have regular contact and helpful tips throughout the application process. 

Check out our blog or follow us on our socials to keep up with the latest roles,  the team, and industry news.

Top Employers

ExP only partners with the best employers, meaning our candidates only get put forward for jobs they are excited about. 

You can look forward to working for organisations that care about your growth and career journey! 

We can't wait to hear from you! Kickstart your journey to an exciting career!

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