Graduate Marketing Executive, Remote

Salary: £18,000

Here is why you should at least read the rest of the job ad:

  • Huge responsibility for a graduate role
  • Flexibility, autonomy, and the opportunity to make decisions quickly and run with your ideas
  • Sweet Laptop
  • Huge focus on development (we get paid to coach people, so we want to invest in YOUR development too)
  • Directly reporting to the CEO of a fast-growing start-up

We are looking for someone to come and do marketing with us. We believe that recruitment is driven by marketing, and that by executing effectively, with the right content, structure and process, we can become a top tier player in this market. ExP work with technology businesses to help them find, train and coach their SDRs, BDRs, Junior Sales Reps etc. But what we care about is helping everyone we work with to improve. We help Sales teams develop the skills they need to achieve. We help candidates to find jobs that will accelerate their career. We help individuals make changes in their skills, processes and outlook to become happier and more successful at work.

Our values are as follows:

  1. Give first
  2. Have and expect integrity
  3. Always lift
  4. Everyone needs a coach
  5. Don’t seek approval, be yourself
  6. With challenge comes growth

What do you need to do?

Work directly with our Founder to develop marketing strategy and execute on that strategy. For us, we have 3 key audiences; Candidates (often Graduates and first/second job), Junior Salespeople (SDRs) that we coach and our clients including SDR Managers, CROs, VPs of Sales and CEOs.

Key areas of focus and delivery:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, whatever – Posting daily and curating organic engagement.
  • Events: Planning, executing on and making a success of events we attend and run, including webinars, networking and more.
  • Email Marketing: Using our mailing list to engage with candidates, prospects and encourage referrals.
  • Content Creation: Writing blogs, creating video, and more content to engage our community.
  • Funnel creation: Thinking about how engagement with the content at any level drives people towards our website and converting into Marketing Qualified Leads.

To support you, we will have agency support, budget for technology and tools to enable your success and introductions to others in our industry for networking and mentorship. We are looking for someone with a keen interest in marketing, who is a creative out-of-the-box thinker. You will need to be self-motivated, as you will be working with a team of people in very different roles. An interest in Software businesses will be useful, as they are our core customers! You do not need to have studied marketing, but a solid foundation in principles of marketing through self-education, experience or ideas. A degree is essential, but all subjects or backgrounds will be considered.

How to apply:

Create a piece of content for ExP – An article, Social Media Post, Video, Podcast – anything to show your creativity and send it to We are looking for a different perspective, something provocative and definitely not ‘5 things to wear to an interview’.

As we said at the beginning, here is what we want to give you:

  • Plenty of holiday
  • Autonomy
  • Career Development to the extreme
  • A great computer
  • A great time!

If you have any further questions, create something beautiful and apply for the job. We would love to talk!

Wanting to see what our marketing currently looks like?

Visit the blog page here.

Visit the LinkedIn page here.

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